Connect With Your Customers And Attract New Business Using Social Media

Connect With Your Customers And Attract New Business Using Social Media

Social media is a great tool for businesses to connect with their current customers and to engage potential customers. With the added benefit of targeted social media ads and in-depth insights, social media is truly a must for any business trying to expand.

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Getting started on social media can seem like a big job…and that’s because it is!

We aren’t going to lie and say it’s easy, but we can give you some helpful tips to get you on the right track.

Once you’ve created a business account (be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc) you’ll want to add the basics first. This includes all of your relevant information (business name, contact info, description) and a relevant profile and cover photo. After you’ve set this up, try using these tips to bring your account to life:

1. Follow other relevant accounts

    • Do you have friends in the field? What about industry leaders you look up to? Give them a follow and invite them to like your page as well.

2. Interact with your audience

    • Responding to comments and messages lets your audience know that you’re present and ready to handle anything. It also helps give your business a personality – don’t be afraid to engage!

3. Post relevant and engaging content

    • Using the 7 elements of newsworthiness is a huge help in coming up with relevant content to post. Is it impactful or timely? Does it also relate to the asbestos removal business? Chances are your audience will be interested.
    • In addition to this, it’s great to post engaging content such as photo contests or special offers. Anything that will prompt your audience to act is a great tool for attracting customers.

4. Use hashtags

    • On platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, hashtags are a great way to help others find your content. It’s also a great way to get customers talking about you. Creating a branded hashtag for your asbestos removal business can help create a buzz about your services within the asbestos professionals community.

5. Incorporate your social icons on your website and email signature

    • Including social media icons that are linked to your accounts makes it easy for site visitors or email recipients to follow you. Instead of having to manually search your business on each separate platform, they can instantly access your page through a simple icon.

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