Easily Grow Your Email List And Connect With Your Customers

Easily Grow Your Email List And Connect With Your Customers

If you’re not building an email list, then you’re making a HUGE mistake.

Email lists can be used to drive sales, provide information, connect with previous customers and most importantly build trust in a relationship. Utilizing your email list to send out monthly newsletters, get online reviews, and advertise promotions can help promote your business.

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(opens in a new tab)Not only is email a low-cost way to communicate with your contacts, but it is also fast and easy which is why it’s the preferred communication channel among most people. We compiled 4 steps to help you build your email list:

1. Select an email list management solution

    • There are many email list management solutions available to use. Two of the most popular solutions are MailChimp and Constant Contact. Chances are, your regular email provider has a limit to the number of emails you can send in a certain time frame. Email management solutions allow you to send emails to a large number of contacts without them being marked as spam.​​​

2. Determine how many email lists you will need

    • The first step is determining how many email lists you want to manage. Having multiple email lists will help you divide your contacts into specific areas of focus.
    • For example: If you manage a restaurant you might want 2 email lists (general customers and catering customers).

3. Determine what type of information you want to track in your email list.

    • Your email list can track a large amount of information about your contacts. The more information you request/track from your contacts, the more refined you can be when reaching out to them in the future.
    • Ex: First and Last Name (absolutely) email address (absolutely) phone (nice to have)

4. Set up a way for contacts to sign up or implement a process to collect information manually.

    • The best way is by offering something to get them to sign up. This process is called offering a Lead Magnet. Giving up something to get something more valuable contact details) is a great way to build your list. (ex: coupon, ebook, free class)

You can collect these through a number of channels including your website, a landing page, social media, e-commerce purchases, etc.

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