Local SEO differs from traditional SEO in one important way: Customer prospects type in geographical terms to narrow online searches. For example, if you operate a Law Firm in Edwardsville, Illinois, potential customers are searching for “Lawyers in Edwardsville” or “Attorney in Edwardsville, IL” within their keyword searches. After you understand the importance of integrating geo-targeted keywords within your website content, the process for how to find local SEO keywords your customers use mirrors the process used for traditional SEO keyword searches.

Break Out the Legal Pad

Keyword searches often start with business owners writing down between 5 and 10 topics that are germane to their businesses. If your run a landscaping business, keywords such as “How to Fertilize Your Lawn” and “The Best Riding Lawnmowers” come into play for researching keywords. The best way to discover the most discussed topics online within your business niche involves reading blogs about your business niche online. Personal experience also helps you create keyword topics.

What Keywords Define the Topics within Your Business Niche?

Landscaping business owners in Collinsville, IL have multiple keyword options that define the topics that define their business niches. Keywords such as “lawn care” and “lawnmowers” define the two topics we mentioned in the previous section. This step of how to find local SEO keywords your customers use represents the preliminary step for verifying you have found the right keywords.

Online research tells you whether you have found the keywords customers use to find your business.

Perform Keyword Research

Use Google to give you an idea about the keywords used by customers that use products and services within your business niche. Type in a few commonly used keywords that you also use to find similar businesses. Move to the bottom of the search engine results page to view Google’s suggestions for other keywords related to your search. Click the keyword related links to expand the number of keyword options that customers use to find you online. In addition, use online tools that present accurate lists of the top keywords used within your business niche.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Google offers several tools that help small business owners attract new customers. The Google AdWords Keyword Planner reduces the number of keywords you are considering to the keywords the most customer prospects use to find businesses that operate within your niche. Google’s invaluable tool lists the keywords, as well as search volume and traffic estimates.

Check Out the Competition

The last step for how to find local SEO keywords your customers use is to see how your competitors rank for the same keywords. Keyword search tools such as SEMrush allow you to run several reports that display the top keywords within your business niche. Google trends also delivers important keyword search information that helps your small business move up the search engine result pages.

Integrating the right keywords into your website content boils down to common sense. Think about the keywords you type into search engines to find the same products and services your business offers.

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