Three Ways a New Website Can Help Your Company Save Money

Three Ways a New Website Design Can Help Your Company Save Money

Let’s say that you are looking for ways to make your website better. There, of course, must be a reason or purpose for the changes you want to make. Most business persons that come our way either want more search traffic, the potential to add e-commerce features or the need for a better way to showcase products. Basically, we here at Vinnie Mac are contacted by people because they want their new website design to increase their bottom line.

Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, we think it important that our customers know that saving money can be equally as important as making it. A new website can not only help increase more revenue but also save on expenses at the same time. To illustrate this, here are three ways an improved internet presence can refine your bottom line by lowering costs.New Website Design

1. A Better Website Can Stop Leads from Escaping

You’ve more than likely wondered about the number of potential clients that swam away before they took the time to contact you. Looking at your web analytics package may reveal a few unseemly results. The people who come to the website and exit without deciding to purchase or receive more information are not likely to return.

A new website allows you to give buyers a new and improved first impression. This could lead them to stick around for a while, consider your services and products, and maybe even contact you.

2. A Stronger Website is an Excellent Recruitment Tool

Employees are the heart and soul of any business and just as important as a web presence. A great staff can make your vision a reality, find creative methods of solving problems, and keep customers pleased. These employees must come from somewhere.

It is becoming increasingly more common for recruiters and business owners to find fresh talent via the internet. Even someone who locates a job posting on LinkedIn or job listing portals will visit your website to learn more about what your business. If the top candidates are left unimpressed, they will take their resumes somewhere else thus leaving you without the exceedingly talented team members you need.

3. A New Website Can Reduce Complaints and Customer Calls

If there is one thing we encourage our new clients to do, it is to think of the customer service roles their website can fulfill. What can they display in a product demonstration video, what answers can they give to frequently asked questions or explain in a downloadable guide?

The more visual and written information buyers have on a website, the easier it will be for them to locate the product or service that suits their needs. This will lead to fewer phone calls to your business, a decrease in complaints and returns, and a ton of time not wasted on the routine tasks of customer service.

A penny saved is a penny earned and though you may want your website to be a marketing and sales tool that creates more revenue, it is important to remember that the site can pay for itself by helping you keep more cash as well.

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