How to Optimize Your Website Content for Local SEO

Local Content helps drive local rankings

Website content represents the foundation for spreading the word about your business, whether you want to reach customers that live on the next block or customers that live halfway across the world. Nonetheless, website content plays an especially important role in giving you the competitive edge in the ongoing battle for local SEO supremacy.

Vinnie Mac reviews how to optimize your website content for local SEO.

Keywords are the Key

You hear a lot about the importance of keywords, but how do you discover which keywords matter to the Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines? Google Trends provides you with the answers to your keyword questions by presenting you with user search volume for specific keywords and keyword phrases. The powerful keyword identification tool also allows you to narrow your keyword searches to geographic areas to find out which keywords rank high in your city and surrounding communities. Google Trends even recommends keyword phrases that you have not considered.

Develop a Top 10 List of Customer Questions

Well, maybe not 10 questions, but the most asked questions by the customers that visit your store. Chances are the prevalent questions asked by your customers in person are the same questions your customers ask online. Many of your customer prospects type questions directly into one of the three most popular search engines. Devote an entire web page discussing the answer to each of the top questions asked by your customers.

Dedicate Web Pages to Specific Geographic Areas

Madison County Termite and Pest Control of Glen Carbon, IL does a great job of breaking down its website into geographic sections. The content created by the Madison County Termite and Pest Control covers a wide variety of termite and pest issues. What Madison County Termite and Pest Control does better than the local competition is to target web pages to specific areas that surround St. Louis, such as Edwardsville and Collinsville.

The Power of Customer Testimonials

Local, national, worldwide, and galactic SEO benefit from one common strategy: Customer testimonials. Customer prospects sitting on the buying fence are much more likely to make decisions based on viewing customer testimonials. Smartphones make it easy to film customer testimonials and then create clean video productions that you upload to YouTube for embedding within your website content. Remember to create a text transcript for each customer testimonial that you upload to reap the benefits of keyword placement.

Provide Solutions to Problems

Google uses several factors for ranking website pages. One of the most important factors involves content quality. Google does not want to see web pages full of tired expressions and redundant jargon that local SEO experts refer to as “content fillers.” The best way to rank high on local search results involves creating website content that helps customer prospects solve problems. For example, a short explanation on how to repair a plumbing issue goes a long way towards your business building credibility among customer prospects.

You do not have to be Hemingway to create website content that powers your local SEO strategy. However, you do need to create locally focused website content that helps customers solve problems and answers most of their questions.

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