Save Precious Time With These Content Creation Ideas

Save Precious Time With These Content Creation Ideas

Posting new content through your website’s blog can do wonders for your SEO efforts. The only problem is that it can be hugely time-consuming.

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Trust us …. we get it.

That’s why we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to help you easily curate content all while boosting your search engine rankings.

1. Create a content calendar

      • Mapping out when you’re going to post will help keep you on track so you don’t find yourself going weeks or months (even years!) without posting. A calendar can also help you push out more content during your busiest part of the year or while you’re running a special.

2. Take a lead from your customers

    • What types of calls have you been getting recently? Are there specific questions you’ve been asked? What about a particular service your customers have been interested in lately? Write about it!

3. Review something

    • You are an expert in your industry and that’s why your customers are coming to you for advice. If a new product, service, or trend emerges, they will look to you for a trusted opinion. Go a step further and post your thoughts to your site.

4. Share your success

    • Show off your success stories- you deserve it! Customers love to know that they are paying for quality and proven results. Sharing your success stories will not only intrigue potential customers but will also give you something to write about.

5. Don’t forget to link!

    • If you’re writing a post about one of your specialties and you have a service page about asbestos abatement, then include a link to it. This will drive your readers one step closer to accessing your services.

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