Get Paying Customers With These 3 Simple Fixes

Turn Your Site Visitors Into Paying Customers With These 3 Simple Fixes

We often come into contact with businesses who have professional, high-quality websites but aren’t seeing any growth. The reason why? There are no opportunities for customer conversion on their site.

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Your site’s customer conversion rate is the rate at which your website’s visitors turn into leads and ultimately paying customers. There are a number of tactics that you can use to help boost these rates, and in this lesson, we will focus on 3 simple fixes you can implement now:

1. Add your phone number to the top of your site

    • This may seem like an obvious step, but many businesses unknowingly hide their phone number in the footer of their website or solely on their contact page. Many internet users no longer take the time to navigate to the contact page, so it’s important that you include your phone number prominently at the top of your site where it is easy to find
    • Want to go above and beyond? Instead of simply adding your phone number as additional text, link it as a button that your customers can easily click on mobile devices.

2. Create simple contact forms for each of your services

    • Adding contact forms to your home page and to each of your service pages allows your site’s visitors to easily ask questions or book services instantly. Don’t limit your contact forms only to your contact page.

3. Include compelling Calls to Action on every page

    • It’s great to include information about the products and services you offer, but your site visitors won’t know where to go next after reading the content. By giving them a nudge to the next step, you are able to guide your visitors toward the next step in becoming a customer.

Need some examples? Try these call to action buttons:

– Get your free estimate now! (Link to form)

– Learn more about our new customer special ➡️(Link to your offers)

– Call us for more information (Link to your phone number)

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